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We are here to help founders and investors succeed!

Our unique approach includes connecting them with the right people, accelerating their ideas, and providing them with the best advice.

Our Approach

  • Investigate
  • Create a Road Map
  • Design & Build
  • Learn & Optimize


There is no success before investing the right amount of time before acting.

We carefully investigate your needs, your market, and future trends. Build a projection even you are starting to invest in your project. We make sure that your investment is worth it in the future.

Create a Road Map

You can’t get anywhere without a plan, but it brings you to success every time..”

Plan ahead and save time and money with the best possible route. Today’s world is fast-paced, so no technology will be new for more than two years. Plan ahead and you will be the strongest asset on the journey.

Design & Build

Bad design leads to a bad build.”

We create the design considering who you are serving. And assist you in building your legacy. Our passion is designing the right business for legacy.

Learn & Optimize

Learning is the key to success.

We believe that you will never walk alone with us, and we will always be there to share our knowledge and experience with you on your journey. Our job is to learn constantly and iterate solutions for further success.


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Kaan Senol

Kaan Senol

Founder of Voyoger

“Most of the people count the opportunities they had in a lifetime. Some counts success stories.”

About Our Founder

Kaan Senol is a serial entrepreneur with extensive knowledge on Ecommerce and Saas businesses. He’s the founder of three startups, one of which received one investment and exited successfully. He also owns a failed startup too. Currently, he invests in an e-commerce startup as an advisor and mentor for the team to help them grow their business faster.

“Startups are like a rollercoaster, ups and downs.”

Keynote Speaker



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Marketing Automation